What Is Unfair Dismissal

Unfairly Dismissed Boxed Belongings 2Unfair dismissal is when your employer terminates your employment without  fair reason or dismisses you without using the correct procedure.

In either case you are legally protected.

In order to bring an employment claim for unfair dismissal you will need to have at least one year’s continuous employment with your employer – two years if you started your employment after 6 April 2012.

Unfair Dismissal Proof

You will have been unfairly dismissed unless your former employer can show that:

1 Your dismissal was for one of 5 recognised “fair” reasons


2 The dismissal procedure was handled in a fair manner

You can be awarded compensation by an Employment Tribunal if you have been unfairly dismissed.

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When you’ve been dismissed there is a natural tendency to question whether the dismissal itself or the process was fair. A specialised unfair dismissal solicitor will be give you an objective opinion. They will consider your employer’s reasons for dismissing you, review the process which was followed and advise you about compensation. They will also provide guidance about which is best: Employment Tribunal or out of court settlement.

If you think you have a potential claim for unfair dismissal we can arrange for you to discuss it with a specialist employment solicitor. Complete our easy contact form and someone will get back to you shortly.