We Are Not Solicitors

My Unfair Dismissal Claim was set up to help you find a specialist employment solicitor in your local area. It’s surprising how hard this can be. You’d think all you need do is Google “unfair dismissal solicitor Cardiff“. Unfortunately that’s not the way it works.

Often the big law firms dominate the top of the Google results because they can afford to run big well optimised websites . But big usually means expensive and this may not be what you’re looking for. Many of the reasonably priced lawyers, including those who work on a no win no fee basis,  can’t afford to run expensive online marketing campaigns. Or they are too busy working to worry about getting their names out there.
Which is where we come in.
We know who the employment experts are. We can put you in touch with a local unfair dismissal solicitor. It won’t cost you a penny. We can cut down on the leg work and reduce the uncertainty.
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