Employment Solicitors in Bristol

Employment solicitors in BristolIf you have tried looking for specialised employment solicitors in Bristol you probably know that they can be hard to find. Google isn’t as much help as it might be in quickly turning up lists of lawyers who offer affordable legal services from local Bristol offices. We know several employment lawyers who provide top-notch employment law services for very reasonable fees. Employment law is their speciality and they have the necessary experience to defend your rights as an employee.

Only specialist employment solicitors can help if you have experienced unfair treatment or discrimination in the workplace.

Where To Find An Employment Solicitor in Bristol

Finding an employment solicitor in Bristol can be difficult. There is no shortage of solicitor’s firms but how do you go about selecting a solicitor? Word of mouth is probably best. Ask friends and colleagues if they know someone who used an employment solicitor in a similar case that they are happy to recommend? The trouble is that employment law cases don’t happen every day – thankfully – which means it’s unlikely you’ll know someone who used an employment law specialist recently. We deal with employment law cases all the time. So we know who to call, who’s free, who will best suit your budget.

Contact An Employment Solicitor

Contact us for a free, no-obligation initial consultation. if you submit your details through our easy to complete contact form it will help us to review your information ahead of time.

Specialist employment solicitors offer a broad range of services which include every area of employment law.

Unfair Dismissal
Constructive Dismissal
Disability Discrimination
Maternity Discrimination
Pregnancy Discrimination
Redundancy Disputes
Unpaid wages or holiday pay
Whistle blower cases
Equal pay
Representation at employment tribunals