5 Reasons You Can Be Fairly Dismissed

You Are FiredAccording to the guidelines followed by employment tribunals there are five key reasons why you might be fired. The reasons you might be fairly dismissed follow below, you might read through them if you think you have a claim for unfair dismissal.

Fairly Dismissed

  1. Capability – did you lie about your health or qualifications, or are you just plain incompetent?
  2. Conduct – this includes all sorts of misdemeanours including theft, abusive or racist behaviour, taking time off without permission, persistent lateness and so on.
  3. Redundancy – employers are required to have a clear policy and must follow it if you are to be fairly dismissed. They are not permitted to make random redundancies or to single you out for redundancy.
  4. Breaking the law – breaches of Civil or Criminal Law outside work hours may result in your dismissal for gross misconduct because you brought the name of your employer into disrepute.
  5. Any other reason – this catch-all category is deliberately wide in scope. It covers all the various ways you might be dismissed fairly. In general terms it provides employers with protection against employees who are seeking to get fired in order to successfully bring a case for unfair dismissal.